What Is Scarless Breast Lift and How Does it Work?

What Is Scarless Breast Lift and How Does it Work?
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May 2023

Regardless of age, women wish to look good and go above and beyond to improve it. Beautiful breasts are a major physical characteristic of women, which also draw a lot of attention. Women want their breasts to be youthful and firm. However, breasts become less elastic and sag with age, pregnancy, and weight changes. Scarless breast lift in Manhattan NYC gives sagging and flat breasts a perky, smooth, and firm shape. This treatment removes extra breast fat, boosts collagen synthesis, and tightens the skin. Extra skin is removed during the surgery to raise the breasts to the ideal aesthetic position.


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How Does Scarless Breast Lift Work?

This procedure is performed using InMode's reliable technology BodyTite. It is a minimally invasive procedure that lifts sagging breasts and makes them perkier. BodyTite uses radiofrequency energy to raise the nipple-areola complex, tighten the skin and ligaments, and generate collagen. A tiny incision is made to safely introduce the cannula of the device beneath the skin. Together, the apparatus and cannula deliver radiofrequency radiation that can instantly contract the skin's surface. Additionally, the method promotes subsurface collagen fiber formation to strengthen skin structure and offer superior skin tightening advantages. Additionally, this surgery can enhance breast symmetry.

Advantages of Scarless Breast lift

Without invasive surgical procedures, this procedure removes excess skin and tissue, corrects droopiness, and raises the breasts to an aesthetically attractive positionGives the breasts a more youthful form by reshaping themStrengthens breast symmetryImmediate skin tightening, with long-term effects that get betterIncreased collagen generation for better skin structureOnly requires local anesthetic, which has fewer hazards associated with it and less recovery timeQuicker recovery than with a traditional breast liftResults that look natural and last a long time

Who Is the Right Candidate for This Procedure?

Candidates for a scarless breast lift are those who want to improve the appearance of sagging breasts. Women who have lost weight after giving birth or who have breastfed may find a BodyTite breast lift to be the perfect therapy. During your appointment, the plastic surgeon will determine whether a scarless breast lift is the best option for you.

Recovery Period and What Results to Expect

Patients who undergo breast lift can typically go home the same day because it is an outpatient treatment. You should set aside at least two days for resting and healing. You might experience some swelling, pain, soreness, and bruising following the treatment. These symptoms ought to go away in a few days. Within a week, the majority of patients can resume their regular activities. Following the operation, take care to refrain from vigorous activity for one week. According to their after-care instructions, patients should additionally support their breasts with a tight sports bra or compression bandage after the treatment. In order to recover fast, it is crucial to maintain hydration and appropriate eating habits. You can take brief walks after a week since they aid to enhance blood circulation, which promotes rapid healing. Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle to sustain the intended therapeutic results.

The success of the Bodytite procedure depends on each patient's body type. Some women see improvements in as short as a week, while others may not see any changes for two to three months. A week or so after the procedure, the skin begins to gradually and continuously improve due to the increase in collagen formation. Initial effects are visible right away, however the final results may take up to six months to fully manifest but can be observed in as soon as one week after the treatment. Typically, improvements become seen after 6 to 12 weeks. After the treatment, the majority of patients quickly return to their regular activities.

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If you are thinking about a Scarless Breast Lift in Manhattan, NYC, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that has skilled plastic surgeons who know how to use the technology. To help you achieve your cosmetic objectives, a skilled surgeon will examine your body and offer a treatment plan that is specifically designed for you.